Hi, I’m Shosho! l spent two years cycling across China, Europe, and Africa,
then I realized, Taiwan is the best place to cycle on the planet!

Who is Shosho?

Global cyclist

I spent two years cycling across the world, through Asia, Europe, and Africa, gaining rich cycling experience along the way.

International tour leader, tour guide, lead rider coach

I hold licenses of both international tour leader and tour guide, and has helped the travel agency MyTaiwanTour with their courses of training lead riders.

Bestselling author, storyteller

I published my bestselling book '10,820,000 Revolutions' and went on to give speeches at multiple schools, associations, and companies, encouraging young people to start their own adventures.

YouTuber, Photographer

I use cameras and drones to capture the breathtaking views and touching stories I encounter in my cycling journeys, and later share them on online social platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Where to find me?

Why should you come cycle in Taiwan?

We have mesmerizing landscapes and diverse cultures here in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a small island, yet it exhibits numerous kinds of natural habitats and landscapes. In the morning you might be cycling on a mountain more than 3000 meters above sea level, a few hours later within the same day, you might be surfing by the Pacific Ocean, having already enjoyed views of mountains, valleys, tea plantations, and rice fields on the way.
We have friendly coastal highways with amazing sceneries, and also the challenging King of Mountain route that is 85km in length, and spans from 0 to 3275 in altitude—Taiwan is guaranteed to satisfy the needs of cyclers of all kinds.
Moreover, Taiwan is a place of diversity; it is the home to various peoples, such as the aborigines, the Han people, and Taiwanese new immigrants from South East Asia; people with different religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds live together on this wonderful island, and all contribute to its beauty.

The infrastructures in Taiwan are robust and effective, and supplies are easy to acquire.

Over 99% of roads in Taiwan are paved and easy to cycle on; lanes reserved for bicycles are everywhere, so no matter whether you ride on road bikes or mountain bikes, cycling in Taiwan is convenient, fun, and simple.
Furthermore, Taiwan is a world-known food paradise, with delicious snacks and delicacies everywhere, all within incredibly reasonable price. Taiwan also has the second highest density of convenient stores in the world, so you can stop anytime to have a cup of coffee, or give the famous Taiwanese dish, tea egg, a try!
Not to mention the police stations all over the place, they are the best place for rest, recharge and water refill, you never have to worry about supplies.

People in Taiwan are friendly and welcoming, and it is one of the safest countries on the planet.

Cycling through Taiwan, you can often see pedestrians or passersby giving you a thumbs up, along with a shout of “JiaYou”. Taiwanese always do their best to help foreign travelers, and they will not stop until they accomplish that goal.

Taiwan is also one of the safest countries in the world—no matter how late it is, you can always feel at ease walking in the streets at night.

Taiwan is the center of the cycling world.

Taiwan is a world-famous center of bicycle research, development and manufacture. It is the home to two world-class bicycle brands: Giant and Merida, as well as smaller bicycle companies such as Pacific Cycles and Rikulau.
Over 90% of middle to high class bicycles around the world are manufactured in Taiwan. If you come cycle in Taiwan, not only can you visit bicycle-themed museums and enjoy the most professional services, you can also take home bicycles and related products made right here in Taiwan.

There are no thousand-year-old historical sites, or grand peaks and waterfalls in Taiwan. To some, the island might not seem as eye-catching as a shining diamond, but its beauty is much more subtle and long-lasting. The breathtaking landscapes, the exquisite food, and the incomparably warm hospitality are the delicate pearls of Taiwan, and when connected together by bicycles, Taiwan becomes a beautiful pearl necklace that is amazingly unique in the world.

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